Living room
Girls bedroom
Entrance hall
Entrance hall
Dining/sitting room
Bespoke staircase
Bespoke staircase
Bespoke staircase
Refurbished original fireplace
Refurbished fireplace details
Refurbished original fireplace
Moodboard and sketch
Entrance hall
Main living space
Built in bespoke bookcase
Main living area with view into the kitchen
Dining area
Master bedroom en-suite
En-suite details
Childs bedroom
Mater bedroom details
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom details
a view into the kitchen
Kitchen details
a view into the sitting room
Living area
Living room
Living room details
Reading corner details
Reading area
Coffee table details
Kitchen details
Entrance hall
a look into the entrance hall
Spare room / study

Recent projects

Its all in the details

Apartment, Tel Aviv

Soft and Welcoming

A home for a young couple, situated in a luxury high rise building in the centre of this exciting busy mediterranean city was designed to be a comfortable space that can be highly functional and relaxing at the same time. A soft palate with a strong feminine touch that will also perform well as a working from home space for the busy creative couple. Under a tight budget a selection of vintage accessories and art work were carefully chosen, together with clever lighting design and masterful paintwork. A calm and inviting space with subtle touches reminiscent of the white city and the natural beauty of the land.

1930's house, London

Comfortable minimalism

a carefully curated selection of furniture and accessories, combined with clever storage and multi-layered lighting choices and clever spatial planning all came together to create a sophisticated and pared back space that is multifunctional and easy to maintain. Completely reflective of the different personalities and backgrounds of the family members, this home was designed to reflect their love of mid century aesthetics with a contemporary twist of the unexpected element, all white maintaining a clear vision and room to grow and evolve.

Islington Victorian terrace lounge

Past, present and future

Refurbishment of a lounge in a Victorian terrace combining the family multicultural heritage with their modern aesthetic while creating a comfortable space for the parents and young children for years to come.

Islington apartment - the personal touch

Stylish femininity

When a stylish and successful woman buys her first home and wants it to reflect her personality we work together to find a scheme that is balanced and elegant with some unexpected details (wallpaper on the ceiling, why not?!).

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