• undressing windows

East London

Rob is an architect but it’s actually Lara, his partner, that decides what goes into their home and what stays out. Robs choices stay out, mostly. He always had a burning passion for concrete and exposed mechanisms. The honesty of brutalism reminded him the true power of buildings and the weight on the architects shoulders. The poetic lines of Bauhaus made him want to stroke the white walls, nestle in their womanly curves and rest in the warm breeze. Lara, however, doesn’t think it’s a look that flatters a Victorian terrace (Rob must concede that she isn’t wrong) so they went for a mid-century furniture with timorous beasties wallpaper and Farrow and Ball’s breakfast room green on the raised panel lounge shutters instead. Robs study, however, got the full treatment. Copper pipes had been exposed, white floating shelves filled with minimally designed books and old projects’ plans now lived in a heavy iron cupboard. Every time Rob closes the door behind him he feels innovative and creative, he feels capable. Lara and the girls don’t like his study. They feel it’s too cold and bare. But Rob is ok with that.

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