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Modernist house

Jamie and Emma bought this modernist terrace three years ago. Jamie has always been curious about interiors although spending most of his life in the Cotswolds He didn’t know how to even begin thinking about furnishing a house so, well, sensible. But there was something so clear, refreshing even about the simple rectangular sensibility of the space, that felt like he could really have fun with the decor, that he could pour his true self into it and just exist, just be. But beginning to fill a home from sofa to coaster wasn’t as easy as he thought. It felt a bit like writing the first sentence in the novel you’ve been wanting to write for decades, blank page anxiety and all that. Then Emma found an old lamp in the street and brought it home. Jamie read in an interior design blog that ‘something new, something old, something black, something gold’ is a good place to start and since they already had the ‘something old’ and ‘something gold’ down he went and ordered a green gummy bear sculpture. He figured that if this house can take him the way he really is than a shiny green bear would be a good place to start. This spontaneous purchase did cost him around $500 and took a good couple of months to arrive but it was the perfect embodiment of him- a spur of the moment , spending too much on something unnecessary, drinking and clicking kind of person.

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