Service List

Perfect Transformations

eliinterior is a bespoke interior design studio. My services span from styling consultations to a complete and personal design service tailored around your individual needs. Here are some of the services I offer.

Bespoke joinery design for period properties

Victorian, Edwardian or 1930's. There is beauty to retain while modernising and making your home fit your lifestyle and personality.


Spatial Planning

Whether you want to bring more light in, expand your living space or just unsure where would be the best place to position your furniture, considerate spatial planning can change how you feel in any space and really make a difference

Brixton Plan for SU.jpg

Room by room colour, furniture and furnishing procurement consultation

When you just need some fresh clever ideas from an insider who knows what will go with what without committing to a full design service.

Growing young woman bedroom

Complete design plan and project coordination

Rethinking a home and the full scale of it can be intimidating. How will you make sure every single detail is just right? How will you know that it is going to be beautiful but also practical and sustainable for years to come? With my expertise I can help you sleep well at night by creating a process that will work for you and result in a truly personal home that will be all yours.